Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Yesterday was our dear sweet baby girls 4th Birthday. We had an awesome day. We decided this year to celebrate my parents, Anna's and my B'day all in one day.....we called it "Birthday Bonanza". We got Anna's usual Strawberry Fields Torte Cake and had a BBQ lunch followed by some late arvo drinks. Anna's Grandma and Grandpa stayed the night so they were here this morning for the great eater egg hunt.

Anna got a new bike and helmet for her birthday, within minutes of finding the bike she had managed to fall off it and bruise/scrape her legs up.

Anyway it's been a huge few days and I am buggered so I am keeping this short and sweet. Here are some pics.....just snapshots. I hope to be back with more.

Anna B'day
The new bike and the famous birthday cake.


Our Traditional "Birth time" family photo.....we had to cheat this year and take it an hour early as there was no way the kids were going to make it till 7:45pm. Thank goodness Ryan's birth time was at a better time of day for his birth time photo. You can see we are all looking a tad ragged by this stage of the day (a few of us may have been a tad tipsy too).

We have all had an awesome Birthday bonanza/Easter. I really enjoyed having my Mumsy and Dadsy stay the night. Now we are all heading out side into the court to watch Anna ride her bike.

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Jane said...

I love the birthtime photo... what a gorgeous idea.