Saturday, April 18, 2009

Celebrating Calibrating.......

OMG.......No.....OMFG. Seriously I hate calibrating SO MUCH I lose clumps of hair every time I have to do it. The lab I was getting my prints from has lost the plot and the prints are getting redder with each order. Not only that but I ordered a 5x7 and 8x12 of the same image for camera club and they both came back different colours. After recieving and email stating "there is nothing we can do, our printers are calibrated as close as possible" I swear I had smoke coming out of my nostrils......their close enough is not good enough for me or my clients. I did not just get myself into debt buying this sweet new camera which produced sweet colours just to have some half arsed "pro" (and I use that term loosely) lab totally screw my colours up. SO.....I have found a new lab, but with a new lab comes new calibration requirements and I have spend the last week doing not much other than calibrating and tearing my hair out. It has not been a good week.

While all this is going on I have sessions backing up to be processed and am finally up to the newborn session I have been DYING to get up to. I but a good dent in that session today. I also need to get this months Camera club entries finished, printed and mounted in less than 2 weeks (EEEEEEEEK). I have just finished one it is.

Camera Club I cheated. I could not wait for this lovely preggy lady to give birth to give this a consider this a dress rehearsal for when I get to do it with her own baby. This is actually "Max" the baby whos newborn session I am in the middle of. The idea came to me in the shower this morning and i wanted to try it today before I forgot it. Another idea came to me a few nights ago and I didn not jot it down right away and now it is lost forever so consider that a lesson learned.

Anyway, other than processing a load of images today I also got some shopping in. I managed to drop $150 on books.....I have been bitten by the "Edward and Bella" bug and got all 4 of the Twilight the first Dexter book. I figured i can read when the kids are up and I can't use the puter anyway, I am sure they will be happy for me to pull up a beanbag in their new playroom and read as they play, they wont disturb me much......really they wont. I also got myself some flanny PJ's. I don't own jarmies and I have 3 weekends away coming up so I fugured I would do my "roomies" a favour and invest in some jim jams. Now all I wanna do is wear them......this is why I don't own jim becomes too easy to stay in them allllll day. I can't wait for my trips. First is Healesville with Camera Club, then Phillip Island with Mum's group where we plan to spend two nights in a holiday house in out jarmies drinking cocktails and dancing to whatever music strikes out fancy.....knowing us the daggier the better then last but not least PH VIC MINI MEET WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Ah I am so excited about that. I get to meet an online friend Kym properly, I met her once but this is gonna we AWESOME. Two nights on a "farm" pretty bloomin posh lookin farm is you ask me, loads of photography, dancing, laughing, singing...oh it's gonna go off. Once again I plan to live the weekend in my jarmies and uggies.

So thats it, that is what I have been up to and am going to get up to. After Birthday Bonanza and celebrating calibrating I am left fat, bloated and bald.


Jane said...

Lovely pic Karina. what a lovely idea!

So i guess we won't be seeing you online at all for at least a few days while you read, then re-read most likely the twilight books! Enjoy, you will love them more than the movie!

I can't wait for the meet either. It will come around fast enough though :D

Jaykay said...

I'll wave to you as you drive past my place on the way to Healesville.

Love the photo. It's a great idea.

Enjoy your girlie weekends. They are the best ones, especially if you can stay in you PJ's!