Sunday, December 23, 2007

6 months today

Can you believe my baby boy is 6 months old today. OMGoodness, and he looks like he is about 8months LOL. He is a big/healthy boy. Very tall and very strong. He is trying his hardest to crawl, he rolld everywhere and gets into anything he can. He is extremely cuddly, he is just adorable.

We are all set for Xmas, we are so excited and can't wait to watch Anna open her prezzies.

I just had my highschool reunion, it was an awesome night which resulted in me peeing in the bushes (a girlfriend of mine has this theory that you know your having a great time if you end up squatting in the bushes LOL) and requiring a stitch in my ankle from broken glass, I did not get the stitch but I needed it LOL. I have been using tape stuff to hold the wound together and it's healing quite well. Though it does mean no running till it seals over just cos I am scared of infection. I have been going to the gym though and LOVING it. Have even had a slight weight loss which is great but would be better if I could get out to jog more. It's very hard with the two kids and a shiftworker in the house.

Cam and I recently had our 3yr wedding anniversary, My Mum came and watched the kids while we went out Xmas shopping followed by a nice lunch which I worked off that same arvo at the gym LOL. It was awesome, it was great to spend some time without the kids with my husband. Can't wait to have some kid free time again.

Anyway not much else going on here, well nothing interesting enough to publish LOL and the stuff that is interesting enough I don't dare publish LOL.

Here are some piccies of the kids, in the form of signatures again. Oh that's what I have been up to, have started making signatured for other members of the parenting forum I use. I just love making them and need the practice so everyone wins. Anyway here are my latest ones of the kids. O.K so the pics decided to go to the top of the post Grrrr. Bugger it! You just have to cop it.

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Stu said...

Merry Christams to you and your family!

And of course you could always cut and paste the html of your pics from the top of your post and place it at the bottom???

Have fun running, exercising and eating healthy!