Thursday, December 27, 2007

No stopping him now.

Well, he is definately on the move now and there is no stopping him. Time to lock everything away. Ryan is just toooo good at this commando crawling. Anyway guess what I got for Xmas? I woke up to my special little boy saying "Mum mum mum". I raced and got the vid camera and got it on video. Whoo Hoo. I was so happy and moved to tears. So Xmas eve he starts commando crawling and Xmas day he says his first words. He is really coming along my not so little man.

Anyway here is one of my fav pics of Anna and a pic I took of Ryan today in the kids new sandpit.

I really have to turn this pooter off and go to bed.*yawn*

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Shannon said...

What a gorgeous family! You & your hubby certainly make beautiful little human beings!!