Saturday, November 17, 2007

Well, I can't be bothered searching through my millions of photos so I have just uploaded some sigs instead.

Things have finally really settled, Ryan is AMAZING. I am so in love with him, I really realize exactly how bad things were back there. He smiles all the time now, pretty much no more screaming fits at all, he sleeps well for his day naps and is improving with his night sleeps....mind you he is still a bit of a poohead at night. He is rolling all the time both ways now and is shuffeling around his play blanket. He is just generally so much happier, content and relaxed and so am I in turn. He is taking some rice cereal each day now, although I was sceptical and against it, it has seemed to help settle his tummy heaps.....or is it the Chiro and Osteo care he is also recieving.....I got desperate.

Anna is great.....with me. But she is challenging her Daddy something fierce. She doesn't see him anywhere near as much as me and she craves his attention and figures the best way to get it is by being naughty so when he is home she is damn exhausting. She is starting to finally take notice of Ryan and show some interest. She mothers "Howard" her toy tiger and it's very cute. She breastfeeds him and tells him he stinks and needs a change and she builds him little "cubby holes" to live in. Oh it's wondeful to observe. She is getting very clingy with the men in her life and when Cam or my Dad leaves the house she has massive Tanty's and screams "My Grandpa" or "My Daddy". It's tragic but kinda cute and endearing at the same time.

The weight watchers isn;t going so well. It's bloody hard to count points and weight stuff when your in a massive hurry to make something so I tend to only eat what I know the exact points value for or just guess. I have been back to my old fav running track and this week I walked there twice. Once just over 5km with just Anna in the pram and the next time 6.5km with Anna and Ryan.....that's alot of weight to be pushing trust me. Anna is about 14kg and I am guessing Ryan is about 7.5 at least and the pram would have to be at least 12kg. Felt AWESOME. I even jogged the tiniest tenny bit the day I only had Anna. You can't jog with the scoop seat attached so it's not an option when I have both of them, as temping as it was.

Anyway as good as it has been feeling I have had to take two rest days so far due to an injured neck/shoulder. I dunno what I have done but my chiro says it's a mess. After some treatment yesterday and some icing it's much much better though and I will have to make an effort to do something tomorrow. My core is SHOT, I feel very very weak and have started some planks and crunches. I have my highschool reunion coming up and have to face the fact that I have to go looking a frump.....why wasn;t it held before I fell pregnant, I was at my fittest and strongest then. Oh well, I don;t really care too much what anyone there thinks. It just would have been nice to be able to wear something hot.

Well that's about it, I have some pasta cooking, I am gonna have it with a sprinkle of parmesan and cracked fav. I have just finished my glass of my fav Pinot and wish there was more LOL. I am so happy Ryan has finally come good. He is now the baby I though he would be, I enjoy every minute with him and smother him in kisses.....which I might add he absolutely loves LOL. Cam appears more relaxed with im too and I think they are gonna be great mates, I love watching him play with Ryan, they are forming thier own very special bond.

I promice to post propper pics next time, I just take to many to choose from. Toodles XXX

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Stu said...

Its good to hear that you are occassionally getting to enjoy 'the track', take it easy and let things happen and I'm sure you it will.

WW and points, yep t must be hard when organising the kids, but I'm sure you can do it and when in doubt, just eat veg, no points there! I'm sure you will be looking your best sooner than later!