Monday, November 05, 2007

Where do my days go?

This isn't gonna be much of a post but it's all I have time for right now. Things are getting better here, if only we could sort out Ryan's night sleeps I recon things would be pretty bloody good.

I will get on ASAP with new photos. Ryan had his second lot of immunisations today. I cried of course. It's one of the hardest things for me as a mother to do but it has to be done and no-one else is putting up thier hand to take him.........Yes I mean you CAM!!!

Anyway thanks Stu and Shannon for your comments. Shannon it means so much to me that you still check in here. Your blog is gone now which I fully understand, Your wedding page is beautiful and I used the same song for mine and Cam's wedding video/slideshow thingy.

Off to check out Anthea and Kylie's blog now, I am on borrowed time so they will be quick visits.



Anthea said...

oh I know the same feeling!! time is going so fast, and there arent enough hours in the day. I hope you get the sleeping sorted out soon Karina, I had to go to Formula feeds before bed time to get Zach to sleep any longer then 20 minutes, and boobie when he wakes up.

Oh and I have immunisation on thursday, YUCK

Stu said...

Good to see that ur alive and doing ok!!!

I always thought you were a BIG sook, srying....did you get the needle???

Peahen said...

I would have prefered to get the needles.....All three of them a million times over rather than him get them. But that would do him no good would it?