Friday, October 26, 2007

Time to update.

Well, It has been a while. It's been a bloody busy 4 months here since Ryan was born. ALot has happened but to summerise, as I have no intentions of goig into it in detain here on my blog, I copped mastitis twice, Ryan grew incresingly difficult, we stopped breastfeeding in hope it had something to do with that, he got worse on bottles, a G.P prescribed him special formula and reflux meds, he got a tad better but not much, he saw a Paediatrician and got stronger medication and has been sent off for an abdominal ultrasound and a couple of other tests and is finally getting a bit better. Since my last post it's been pretty much a house full of screaming here, the "Colic" has definatley made a mess of me.

We all went away as a family to Porpunkah (I think that is how you spell it) for the week the AFL Grandfinal was on, we had an absolute ball. Cam and I drank beer and wine every afternoon and finally relaxed a bit. The kids were great although Ryan had us up several times every night.

Anna is growing up very fast, she is 2.5 years old now and has a very "grown up" attitude LOL. She loves to dress up as a fairy.

Ryan is also getting big, as he should with the amount he drinks. He is a shocking sleeper, we seem to have his day naps sorted quite well but he is still terrible at night, Cam and I are like zombies these days. Now the colic seems to be subsiding and his supposed Reflux is getting under control he appears happier and we are getting loads more smiles. He has been rolling from front to back since he was 2 weeks old, I can't wait till he can sit up by himself. He is a spitting image of Cam, he is a very cute baby. We are hoping we have gone through the worst with him now. I am hoping I will begin to enjoy being a Mum of two soon.

We have also had a Visit from my Cousin Nikki and her lovely family recently, they come all the way from Scotland (Nikki is from QLD but went over to Scotland and never came back LOL). Nikki was lucky enough to witness my lovely Son's screaming. A few people have been lucky to see it now and realise I am not exagerating.

Anyway that's about it here. Ryan is due to wake up so I didn't want to get too involved in my blog as once he is awake that's it for me. I have put together a few photos of the kids.

Before I forget, a massive Congratulations to Kylie on the birth of her 3rd beautiful girl Murphy. She is just divine. Hello to Anthea and yes I am still stalking the Ausrunners so hello to all of you guys aswell.

Will try to use my blog more often now Ryan is settling down. I have started weight watchers and am trying to get back into exercise so I can start running again. I am sure my blog will be the first place I brag about any weight loss.



Stu said...

It means a lot to me when I see your posts on your blog and I hope that makes sense to you, as it does to me.

WOW I haven't met Cam, but I assume he has the eyes that Ryan is showing in his photos! So cool,
and of course if I look at the bottom left hand corner of your photo's, I may have seen that face too.

Drop me a line on my blog so I know that you hear me.

Stu, always

Shannon said...

About time you updated this blog. I have been checking it daily for the last couple of months!!