Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Introducing Baby Peahen

Apparently everything is looking great. Baby Peahen is measuring spot on for my dates. At one stage she had her hands tucked behind the back of her head as if she were kicking back on an ocean cruise LOL. We got a great shot of her on 3D but I am not going to post it cos there is alot of detail and a tad freaky looking. I am going to watch the video again as soon as I am finished here. Too early to get a look between the legs LOL but I am calling her a her for now.


Sekhmet said...

Wow! That is an awesome pic Karina :-)

Peahen said...

Hey Beki, thanks heaps. I'm pretty proud already LOL.

Celeste said...

Fantastic photo! What a little miracle!

Vicky said...

Too cute!

Great that you are keeping up the exercise Karina. Do as much safe stuff as you can manage, it really will help and make things much easier afterwards.

Cheers, MAR.

Lee said...

Fabulous Karina!! Dare I say I think I am getting clucky, lol!!

Enjoy every moment, I loved being pregnant with my two boys :)

Em said...

Those scans never cease to amaze me!

I have my niece's scan on my desk at work, caused quite a bit of gossip there for a while ;-)

Hope you are well

Crissyjt said...

How exciting K! But all your exercising is making me feel guilty. Great work keeping your fitness up. You will definately reap the benefits in the long run.

So an official congratulations from us girls over in boogsville.

Anthea said...

great pic Karina