Saturday, May 30, 2009


I am so close to finishing my second last client session I have to work on but then THIS vision came to me....and I just HAD to throw it together before I lost it. I don't do stuff like this much anymore so when I see something in my head I have to go for it. I took these images when I first got the new camera but have not done anything with them yet. All the templates out there for things like this have larger gaps between the images but I wanted to keep these close so I did my own in was very quick and lots of fun.

I am going back to the old way of uploading so excuse the small images from now on. I am not renewing my pro flickr account so some of my images from my blog will dissappear over time too.

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Rob P Makes me J.I.M.P said...

love it hun :P

perfect photgraphy as per usual :p