Saturday, October 18, 2008

Photographers day out at The Briars

A few days ago a wonderful group of female photographers got together and had a little photo shoot at The Briars in Mt Martha. I was very very lucky to be a part of this little group.

One of the photographers happened to have a rather large bunch of balloons as it was her youngest daughters first Birthday.......they made a fab prop. So we set the kids off running with the balloons, twirling parasols and climbing trees like monkeys (or possums). The kids had a great time, as did we. There were outfit changes and tantys (one guess who the tanty thrower was)

It was a huge experience for me who specialises in "Mug shots". To get out and take "environmental" shots was rather challenging.....and the processing afterwards was even more of a challenge. I take most of my portraits indoos using natural light and have NEVER had to deal with colour casts like what we copped from this shoot. But I think I managed some sweet photos. I am hanging to see what the other girls got. I know Amanda got some stunners of our little Anna. Anyway, enough of the boring stuff. You wanna see pics right?

Amanda's little girl Trin

The Murphster.

I love this one of Anna. Yes there was some dress swapping LOL

And for those of you who really know me well, no I did ot vomit or pass out at the sight of the balloons. I think being in the big open area helped LOL. I handled it really really well.


Tara Ward said...

Congratulations on your winning photos....they are awesome! It was so nice after checking your blog for what seemed like ages, to see a big update! Great news too. Love the park photos too...

Anthea said...

oh Karina, these are just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Gee's woman, You are awesome at taking great pics. I adore looking at them and i reckon i will definately be making time to 'make an appointment' witcho girlfriend!
P.S OMG you have copyright! Go you!

Rachel said...

They are amazing Karina!! I love all of your work!

Had to laugh at the balloons comment haha

Jane said...

LOL at the balloons! well done!

They are fantastic photos! well done!

Leni said...

Karina, they are awesome shots hun!

glad to hear the balloons didn't send you running..