Monday, June 30, 2008

Our boy turns one.

Wow! Our boy is one! And what an emotional day it was LOL. Ryan and I had a very shakey start but the last 7 months have been absolutely blissfull and he is such a charming little boy now I just want to hit pause.

The week leading up to Ryan's B'day was very busy with party preparation. I was pretty much on my own for the week so just did little bit by bit. The day before his party my fav cousin Jodi decided to pop in PMSL. Can you imagine the shock I got when I answered my door and herself and her beautiful little daughter were standing on my front porch? Seems they caught word of my home made sausage rolls and could not resist the trip (they are from QLD). My parents and Cam had known for months they were coming and kept it secret from me. It was an awesome surprise, an emotional one too.

Anyway as you can imagine the party preps were a little harder then, I was excited and the house was a tad crazy. Still we got there and the party went well the next day.

You will see in the below pics Ryan loved his wheat dairy and egg free cake. He certainly enjoyed "massaging" the icing. This was the only time of the day I got pics as I was too busy for the rest of it.

On his actual B'day he had a Paed appointment and just afterwards we managed to get a family shot at Ryan's birth time.

Another cousin from the same family was also in Vic for the same week and managed to get down to the peninsula for a night so we managed to catch up for a few hours which was awesome. Kellie from Darwin grew up in Victoria and even though we were still about 3 hours away we were quite close, we even managed to stay pen pals in highschool (I still have her letters). We are only a few weeks different in age. Jodi and her DD are from QLD and we hit it off when I was about 18 at my brothers wedding. Jodi and her DD were at my wedding and they really took the edge off. I absolutely loved sharing my house with them (mainly cos Jodi cleaned up after me LOL) however I am now 1.5kg heavier and in need of some serious detox, we averaged 2-3 bottles of red per night and about 3-5 hours sleep. Miss A just looooved having a little playmate though I think Miss O was looking forward to getting some personal space back by the 2nd day as Miss A can be a little demanding and suffercating.

Anyway it was a very exciting, fun but exhausting week with loads of fond and fun memories (some of which I caught on video and might have to make a you tube clip of).

Jodi was also nice enough to let me shove my beloved camera in thier faces for some mummy daughter shots. Can't wait to show them off if I ever get time to process them.

Anyway, that's it for this update, thanks for the last lot of messages. And No Na, your not a troll PMSL. Here are some pics.

The family portrait taken at Ryan's birth time.
This can only mean trouble! From left: Kellie, Jodi & Meeeeeeee. These two are horrible girls, they pinned me to the floor and spanked by bum......Jodi's spank bruised, she's a violent soul who then went on the attack me in the local chemist causing a right scene. Nevermind, she will get hers.....on you-tube LOL.


Anonymous said...

Im just sowwy.
I just want to be a good girl.

Anthea said...

LOL Karina, sounds like you have had a great time!!

those photos of Ryan are just gorgeous, and your family photo also!!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up Karina, what a brilliant week I had with you, your fantastic Husband and the PeaChicks.
I will also take this opportunity to say...every smack you got was in retaliation, you no angel McLovin!!!!
I JUST want to be a good GIRRRRLLL!
Well said Cam!
Love Jodi

Jodi the Cuz said...

You crack me up Karina, firstly I've got to say I had a brilliant week with you, your amazing husband and your PeaChicks.
Litttle Miss O is still talking about it.
Secondly, I need to clarify to all that read your blogg that those smacks you mention are in retaliation cause you NO ANGEL McLovin.
I JUST want to be a good GIRRRL.
Well said anonymous.
Love Jodi

Stu said...

Happy birthday to Ryan and a lovely photo of the family!

Don't you just kove how little ppl eat cake!!!

Check my blog in a few days for an update of my little Cam is turning 21 on Monday, Connor is 9 (turning 10 in Oct), Declan just turned 7 and Kaelan is 2 and horrible! lmao

Now let's hear about some running!!!

Meaghan Cook - Photographer said...

Hey, we've got beautiful bubs with the same name! We must be the awesomest (yep, totally a word) to name our kids the same.

Happy birthday Ryan.