Saturday, June 14, 2008

Distancing myself

Distancing myself from the computer that is, for a few reasons. I wont go into one of the reasons, many of you know anyway but I do not wish to give publicity to the matter on my blog.....Trolls do not deserve a mention on my blog.....AAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH, I just mentioned Trolls PMSL. Anyway thanks PH and EB girls for being so understanding. The main reasons however are that I am just too busy. Ryans B'day is fast approaching and I want to try and cater it 100% myself so I know what is in the food I am serving.....the content of party pies frightenes the hell out of me. I also need to try and make him a dairy and egg free cake, I really should get onto that. Anyway my life is just so wonderfull ATM that I can't be bothered with the Net much. I am enjoying watching disney movies with Anna and TBH Ryan needs ALOT of supervision so I can not take my eye off him when he is up LOL. I have also been concentrating on my fitness. I Have been purposely avoided making any posts about my progress and still will not say too much cos I don't want to jinx myself but I will go as far as saying I have ignighted a previous passion and it is going well......slow but steady and with HUGE improvements (though I am still a fatty and 4-5kg off my pre preg weight Grrrrrr). So I am just not finding much time for the net lately.

I have still been enjoying my little photography hobby but taken a step back from the "business" side of it and decided not to take any major steps untill both kids are in school, I just want to enjoy them as much as I can before I "lose" them and gain some time for myself LOL. Infact Flickr is pretty much the only online community I am semi keeping up with during this massive online community break I am having......and even that is giving me the willies with "fakes", "trolls" and general bitchiness that I have been witnessing.

Anyway the main thing is I am very happy, getting fit again, very much in love with my family (and my camera of course) I have been suffering some terrible headaches for the last few months.......but that is my biggest complaint so Yay to me. The headaches are just another reason to back off the computer IMO.

Vanessa, you scolded me the other day for not posting new photos LOL. I know I have been lazy and I am sorry, here are some new ones starting with my latest absolute fav of Anna. I just looooove this photos of her (below).
Ryan testing out his new "first pair of shoes" (also note the cool beanie)

Ryan with his new home made crochet beanie, more pics to come of that with a link to the pattern.

I know I have been slack with pics from Anna's B'day (back in April) but here is her B'day cake. We get this for her every year. It's the yummiest cake I have ever ever had.

And I just had to show off a friend of mine's handy work. Kate in our Mother's Group would have to be the worlds best baker and for Her daughters B'day she made this scrummy choc cake and surrounded it with these delightful yellow spinkled cup cakes to resemble a sunflower. It looked and tasted divine.

I have a few more pics to share soon. Ran out of time today though. Lunchtime here and I am feeling rather empty after this mornings Gym then jog.


Chelle's Cherubs said...

Chocolate cake (dairy, egg, nut, soy free)


3 cups plain flour
2 cups of sugar
6 tablespoons of cocoa powder
2 teaspoons baking soda
2 teaspoons baking powder
2/3 cup vegetable oil
2 cups water
2 tablespoons white vinegar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1. In a large bowl, combine all the dry ingredients.

2. Combine all the wet ingredients in another bowl.

3. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and beat until smooth. Consistency is fairly runny.

4. Pour mix into a greased pan.

5. Bake in a moderate oven until ready.

Take Care Chick!! xxx

Peahen said...

Thankyou so much Michelle. I will see if I can find one without Baking Powder as he tested sensitive to that but will use this of I can't find one......he wont be having much of it anyway (if I can help it) LOL. XXX

Chelle's Cherubs said...

LOL you don't have to use it, I just remembered I had it bookmarked to give my Mum!! ;)
Hope he has a great day!! :)

Rachel said...

Beautiful photos as always hun. Hope you are enjoying your break time :)

Stu said...

Good to see some of your old passions may be returning! :)

Gee I hope I'm not a troll lmao

Leni said...

Hey hun!

Enjoy your break and can't wait to see you back online with us again!

Naomi V said...

Hey babe, missing you lots (gee I hope I am not one of those trolls lol).

Love love love the pic of anna - did I miss that on flickr?

Can't remember when ryans birthday is but it must be soon.

Keep in contact ok - i really do miss you xx