Saturday, May 05, 2007

I know I think I am lazy!

Wow, I admit it, as soon as blogger made it nessesary to set up a google account I kinda gave up on blogging. It was one of those "i'll do it tomorrow" kind of things that never got done. Then tonight for some reason i decided to have a look at my blog and saw 2 comments and thought.....hell, i have to do something about this LOL. Anyway I posted a comment thinking that would buy me some time but then felt bad and thought I would look into what is involved in getting this blog up and running again.......a process that took a whole 20 seconds......i am so embarrased.

Anyway as I said in my sneaky comment I was struck with the same condition i had when i was pregnant with Poppy, SPD.....I can't be stuffed explaining it, if your really interested which lets be honest you arn;t then google it. Anyway it started mildly at about 13 weeks but really kicked in at 20 weeks. From memory a bike session left me almost crippled for a week. I booked straight into a womens health physio who immediately banned me from walking, cycling and vacuming. She was shocked at the lack of stability in my pelvis and demanded I wear a belt which I tried last time and it only made it worse. To cut a long story short I got worse again at 27 weeks and eventually came up with a cunning plan with my chiro that enables me to wear a belt. I have to have regular adjustments to keep aligned to be able to wear it and have improved so much I only wear it while vacuming and doing yoga.

Yoga is freeing up any jamming in my legs which was making my pelvis worse aswell as keeping my back feeling lovely and pain free.....not many heavily preggy ladies can brag about not having back pain. It has also improved my posture which inturn makes space for the baby so I don;t get that rip pain and breathlessness most ladies get at this stage.

I won;t get into weight, it;s none of your business LOL. I'll just leave it to your imagination, what do preggy ladies usually end up looking like when the most exercise they are allowed to do is cardio at all. I do have a rough plan of action for when the baby is born though.....there will not be any running for at least 6 weeks untill the relaxin hormone has left my body and my pelvis stops "floating" about. Then i will need an assesment from my physio to get the go-ahead but I pan on using my bike and walking to ease back into it all. I can't wait....seriously, I have been feeling very house bound and have had some very bad times here with it. Even something as simple as grocery shopping leaves me in agony with frozen peas down my pants (icing). My dear hubby has been wonderful though and gets just as frustrated as me and is always my soothing saviour when I lose the plot and break down.

The baby is doing far as we know LOL. I can tell you this much, it is big and strong. My Obs is very helpful and sympathetic towards my condition, I am in great hands there. Too bad he is on holidays when I am due LOL.

Poppy has turned two, she can be quite the little miss at times and has driven me to breaking point several times over the last few months. She has been in a "big girl bed" for a while now and impressed us with the smooth transition. She makes us very proud.....when she is not having a tanty. I dunno how she is going to go with her new sibling......she talks to it through my belly and gives my belly kisses and even pokes it violently claiming it is "hiding". She is very cute. She always finishes a baby session by pulling my top down and saying goodbye "see you soon".

Anyway, as the darling put herself to bed at 6:45 tonight I should take it as a sign and have an early one never know what sort of night it;s gonna be. Turning over in bed can be sheer agony and I often spend the night in alot of pain.....having said that it's been really good lately so I have to cash in on being "comfortable" LOL.

I will post some pics tomorrow when I get onto the big computer, I am on the laptop now.

Crissy, are you still in blogland? Sorry I don't get onto MSN anymore.......I just can't sit still long enough to have a conversation.....Anthea that goes for you too, don't think I have been avoiding you or the other juju's on MSN. XXX
O.K I just quickly uploaded one of my latest LO's. Photo was only taken a few weeks ago on Poppy's 2nd Bday. Embellishments from
Yes I have gone dark AGIAN. My blonde days are OVER!


Celeste said...

Hi Karina - welcome back! I have recently discovered yoga and I've gotta admit, it is the best thing!! Apart from the no cardio deal, yoga is a beaut all round exercise. I'm working on my flexibility, and although I have a LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG way to go, I can feel the yoga helping.

A close pregnenat friend of mine is due any day, so I can commiserate a little with the level of frustration you must be feeling at the moment. The things we do.....

Stu said...

Great to see a post k...

Peahen said...

Thanks guys, Celeste I have done yoga for years but never did it when i was pregnant with my last because the type I was doing was not preggy friendly, i have a preggy yogs DVD this time though, thanks to my gem of a hubby who hates seeing me in pain, and it fixed my back pain in two sessions. I just looooove it. I plan on getting right back into the regular yoga once this baby is born.....I love hearing from other "yogies". I also have a terrible temper and find the yoga helps alot with that.

Anthea said...

YAY, an update!!!

well we can work all of the pregnancy stuff off "together" cause I have a few kilos I ant to never see again! LOL

Hope your well.

oh I thought I just smelt and that why we dont chat anymore!! LOL just kidding!

Lee said...

You popped into my head this morning, so I started investigating which led me here back to your blog. So great to have an update :)

Btw, love the new look of your blog. Hope you are having a wonderful Mothers Day!