Tuesday, May 15, 2007

32 weeks

Cool, 8 weeks to go till my due date.....7 weeks if we go ahead with an induction at 39 weeks.
Pelvis is a little cranky this week, the shopping trolley seems to really set it off but it can't be avoided, we all have to eat. Hubby set the cot up for me this week in our room, we are having a party on Sunday and there wil be a couple of newborns there so it will be handy to have a room where we can stash them away from all the noise. I had forgotten what the cot looked like LOL, it's not like it was all that long ago Poppy was in it.
I have also got the baby's bag packed for hospital. I wanted to do it early so I would not have gender specific clothes hanging around the house, I have been busting my guts keeping our secret mainly from my parents but I bloody let it slip a few days ago anyway....I got to almost 32 weeks without telling them so it's a bit dissapointing to slip up at this stage. Nevermind, I can still keep it from some of you guys LOL. Anyway I got a kick out of packing the teeny tiny clothes, I had forgotten how small a newborn nappy is.
Baby is constantly reminding me of it's presence and I am beginning to wonder is it ever sleeps. Last night I watched my belly morph into all sorts of weird and wonderfull shapes as feet and elbows protruded out of all four corners of my belly, if hubby were home he would have freaked out but I love it.
Anyway, thankyou to all who commented on my new blog and thankyou to all the Ausrunners who checked in to the update thread to see how we are going. You can be assured there will be plenty of pictures posted when this baby is born. I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day, I am sooo jealous of all who made it to the MDC.


deege said...

Great to hear your updates. Hope that everything goes smoothly for the last couple of months and that you can get out of the houseboundness soon.

Stu said...

Hey K Girl... good to hear from you!

Hope all goes well and the little one keeps healthy!