Friday, August 21, 2009

My poor neglected blog.

I do love my blog dearly but I have once again neglected it! I am a poohead I know. Anyway it has been a busy few months since Ryan's B'day. I have had alot of work to finish, I have been to see Eskimo Joe live in Melbourne with my Awesome neighbour Sarah, I have been away on an awesome girls weekend with my PH family, a very special friend announced her pregnancy and my #1 cousin got engaged which means a trip to QLD for me at the end of the year. I have taken up running again only to slack off AGAIN!

The main thing keeping me busy here though is the kids. They are growing so fast, as are their attitudes. We had a mini photo session yesterday, a good opportunity for me to update the blog and profile pics.

Poor Ryan has inherited my crap eyes, one of them being smaller and a different shape to the other.
Mum and Dad recon Anna has inherrited my temper and gift of the gab.

I have fallen in love with Eskimo Joe (Thanks Sarah) and listen to them most days if I can LOL. The concert was awesome, I actually wore the dress I am wearing in my photos here (yes it's a dress not a shirt) and some awesome new boots I got. I'd not slept the night before the concert, I was bloated like nothing else and my chin had errupted with the worlds hugest breakout......everything was against me....but with some good underwear and a LOT of makeup I got myself out the door, even thoguh at the time I didn't feel like it, and boy am I glad I did. There is nothing like a good live band....NOTHING! Looking forward to the next time.

I am still going to camera club but have missed a few nights this year. I have missed my last two judgings and am yet to find out how I went. I have heard whispers of a first place though which is awesome.

Well....It's that time of night....time to put the apron on and cook dinner.

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Stu said...

Great to see and hear all is good!