Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's Black and White

As I mentioned in my last blog entry i have been working on my B&W's. MOnochrome has never been my thing. I love colour. But there was something the guest photographer at Camera Club sad that got my bum into gear and interested in improving my B&W's. I think I am finding my very own "grove" with it. These conversions are very very different to the "blown out" ones I used to do using actions. I am liking them though, I am even enjoying them. I seem to be finding my style in B&W much easier then in my colours whcih to me is odd. Anyway here they are.

Um, this one is only half processed........oops.

This one could very well end up on the wall.


Rachel said...

They are beautiful hun. :)

Kris said...

They are such Gorgeous Shots

Stu said...

Your little girl is growing up!

My fav is the one when she is resting her chin on her hands (not the last one)..

Good to see you blogging!

Karma said...

i love all your photos, but have been really drawn to the 4th photo up. Each time i see it, i feel like im stepping back in time, and it is rare that a photo has this effect on me.


Angie said...

gorgeous, love her little freckles, so cute

Jane said...

oh stunning as always Karina. I love that 7th one too of her with her head on her hands. Helps that you have a fantastic gorgeous little model there.